Learn to create your own clothes in our sewing classes

Every Friday we teach dressmaking classes for fashion lovers who want to learn how to create their own garments

Learn the basic patterns

Pattern making is the basis of all design. Before starting to cut any fabric, we must be clear about the exact pattern that we are going to follow during the making of the garment. 

To make a garment correctly, the first thing is to make a good pattern. For this reason, we will teach you the basic patterns from which every garment starts. 

The clothes of our students

In our sewing classes you can learn to make your own clothes and wear clothes made with your hands. Here are some examples of garments made by our students:

In our classes

You will learn how to cut different styles of clothing

Once the patterns are made, we teach you how to mark them on the different fabrics and cut them with their seam allowances.

You will learn to use different types of machines

In our atelier we will teach you how to use sewing machines, overlockers and covering machines, as well as an industrial iron.

You will know the different utensils

You will learn and you will be surprised by the different utensils that there are to facilitate your sewing. You will be looking forward to start sewing.

You will make all kinds of garments right from the start

It is not necessary to have previous knowledge. In our classes you will learn to make your garment from start to finish.

You will meet new people and have a great time

Our classes are very enjoyable and funny. We enjoy a very relaxed atmosphere, meeting people, in which learning is a joy.

You will learn individually

We know that not all students have the same level. Therefore, the teaching is totally personalized and each person take their own time.

Proudly wear garments created by you!

Make the outfit for your next event and become the designer of the moment. Create the dress or outfit that you have always dreamed of and that surely no one else will have. 

What our students say

"No sabía nada de costura cuando comencé las clases y en dos semanas conseguir hacer mi primera camisa"
Juana Pérez
"Me encantan las clases de Mercedes porque cada viernes aprendo cosas nuevas"
María G.
"Aprendo muchísimo de Mercedes. En menos de un año he aprendido a confeccionar muchos tipos de prendas"
manolo r.
Mercedes Mayone

Atelier specialized in all kinds of clothing repairs and tailor-made. We create the perfect outfit for your next event. 

Our atelier

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Monday - Thursday  10.30h – 14.00h / 18.00h – 21.00h